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Hydrox Car Kit

Hydrox Car Kit ®

Hi, my name is Leandro Rache Sanchez, im from Bogota- Colombia, Iam 40 years old, today I want to introduce the project that im being working since 3 years ago. As we know our world is sick and we need new ideas that help and contribute in a good way, to have a better environment.

In my city the traffic is terrible and have a lot of contamination, we were looking for a solution and that’s the reason why we start working with HYDROX, which is a system that works with the ionic decomposition of water, based on an advanced process of electrolysis to molecular level, which generates a combustible gas highly volatile “Hydrox”, which to be mixed as an additive with gasoline or diesel, it improves the combustion increasing the engine power reducing the fuel consumption of fossil origin and the emission of gaseous pollutants.

My team is compose by Maria Lucia Urrego and Leandro Rache supporting by the biotechnology center of Tecnoparque – Colombia Sena, our goal is reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other gases to improve the air quality in the environment, also encourage the use of renewable energy non polluting, improve the life time of the motor vehicles and reduce the cost of operations and maintenance of vehicles.
Our aspiration is that in the short term, develop Hydrox System so it can be applied to current automotive Park, within the next five years will address the Process to develop a “Hydrox Engine”, which seeks to harness the power of water energy, this development is intended to definitively resolve the dependency on fossil fuels for these new environmentally friendly vehicles.

Our main motivation for participating in our project Hydrox is to spread this initiative towards a world free of contamination using clean technologies and renewable energy.

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